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Debut Memoir, TWO sons TOO many

The unbelievable story of one Irish man’s life. Shocking, provoking, adventure.

Earlier years Memoir, 17 &Life 

At 17 how can anyone make a decision that could shape the rest of their lives?

Layman’s Handbook, Self Help

Learning to breathe, Beginners introduction to meditation. A journey to SELF

Why write?
  • Sharing my life story in hope to help you enrich yours.
  • My motivations are the beauty of an inspirational virtuous cycle.
  • As I learn, why not share?

We can travel anywhere right from the comfort of our own homes. All we need is a book.

“I refused to conform from an early age”


Blog writing

My blog is titled “random thoughts”. I like to share with you my thoughts to spark a little thought in yourself.


Writing continues everyday. You can find many such snippets around the web.



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